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Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Disrupted neuro-muscular control associated with pain, poor posture or altered biomechanics is a component of many chronic or recurring clinical conditions seen by physiotherapists.

BET PhysioPilates is a progressive, systematic, evidence informed therapeutic exercise system based on the Pilates Method.

This approach is designed to address specific imbalances in neuromuscular control inherent in many musculoskeletal conditions, and facilitating the restoration of balanced posture, trunk stability and pain-free movement.

The course is run as a hybrid model of online and studio learning with extensive online course resources.

Theoretical content is presented on-line via Embodia Academy; available to purchase upon registration and for required viewing in advance of the studio sessions.

The studio sessions are based on the theoretical concepts and provide practical content and concepts easily integrated into your current treatment approach to enhance your clinical outcomes.

Live case studies will be invited to aid learning. Online material will support studio sessions. This is a HANDS-ON approach. (note: no large Pilates equipment is utilized at this level)


Studio Workshop: 4-days: $1500.00; run over 2
weekends. Course includes complimentary treatment ball and the
following online follow-up support after the workshop

  • Live-stream: twice monthly exercise
    ‘class’ for review of practical content and
    to continue to work on your own ‘centre’
  • Recorded practical review demonstrations
  • Membership in BET online Academy
  • Monthly office hours

Online Theoretical Content (via Embodia):
* required (discount for Embodia members):

  • Introductory pre-recorded webinar
  • Recorded Theory Lectures in 2 parts:
    a. Level 1a, $138.00
    b. Level 1b, $138.00


Studio Course Outline:

January 22-23, 2022
BET PhysioPilates Level 1a:
Introduction to Theoretical and Practical Pilates –based Neuromuscular Re-education Concepts and Exercise Intervention

February 12-13, 2022
BET PhysioPilates Level 1b:
Basic Assessment and Treatment of Neuromuscular Control with Pilates–based Exercise Intervention

Online Video Demonstration & Exercise Content Resource Package (via Embodia):
* $45.00 (discount for Embodia members) – highly recommended

Class size is limited to 6 people to ensure high teacher: participant ratio and time for closely guided practice time.

The studio course will run from 9:30 – 5:00. Dress comfortably. Appropriate infection control procedures will be followed at all times.

Additional Bonus!
You will benefit from the intensive training; re-balancing and changing your own ‘centre’ while gaining a unique appreciation of the Power of Posture!

Class Instructors D

Australian trained physiotherapist, Susan Ting, will be the course facilitator.

Full details

What: BET Physio Pilates Level 1a: Introduction to Theoretical and Practical Pilates –based Neuromuscular Re education Concepts and Exercise Intervention

BET Physio Pilates Level 1b: Basic Assessment and Treatment of Neuromuscular Control with Pilates –based Exercise Intervention
When: Studio course is 4 days run over 2 weekends:
January 22-23, 2022
February 12-13, 2022
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: The Arthritis Society Building, Conference Rooms, 3rd floor. 895 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1L7.
Cost: $276.00 for online theoretical content – purchased through Embodia (members receive discount)
$45.00 for online video demonstration – purchased through Embodia (members receive discount) – optional
$1500.00 for studio course - 4 days – register with Susan Ting.
Susan Ting
Trained in Sydney Australia, Susan Ting started her practice in Asia, working in acute neurology rehab, orthopedics, and sports physiotherapy at national and international athletic levels. In 1998 Susan took BET Level 1 course in Hong Kong, where she met Canadian physiotherapist, Rochenda Howard, founder of BET PhysioPialtes. In 2005 Susan began formal training and mentorship with Rochenda. After certification, Susan opened her BET physiotherapy clinic in 2009. Since 2005, Susan has also been working at the Mary Pack Arthritis Program, VCH, where she teaches continuing education in arthritis management, advanced practice in post-hip and knee joint replacement; integrating BET approach into patient care in arthritis.

What people are saying

Susan is the only physiotherapist who has been able to identify and teach me how to change painful movement patterns that have plagued me for many years. She has a unique skillset and treatment approach that produce amazing results.

Heather Walker


Course Objetives

Vancouver BET Level 1 Biokinetik Exercise Technique
Gain theoretical understanding of the mechanical and neurological mechanisms that may underlie altered neuromuscular pain syndromes.
Learn an evidence-based system to effectively teach activation of the key stabilizing muscles of the trunk, consisting of the primary power house - the lumbar-pelvic girdle stabilizing muscles; and the secondary, upper power house – scapular-thoracic girdle. Learn a series of progressive therapeutic exercises to systematically train trunk control and efficient movement patterns.
Assess for muscular and skeletal imbalances associated with posture and assess for basic imbalances in neuromuscular performance. Utilize assessment findings and a clinical reasoning process to generate a treatment plan based on Pilates based therapeutic exercise. Practice Pilates-based neuromuscular treatment interventions and correlate to assessment findings.
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For additional information on workshop content and registration details, see the PDF here.

Susan Ting

Vancouver, Canada

Frequently asked questions

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Both Rochenda Howard and Susan Ting offer courses on the B.E.T. physiotherapy rehab system for physiotherapists. The model is a systematic and progressive therapeutic exercise intervention for rehabilitation developed by Rochenda and professional ballet instructor Julia Ellis, based on the Pilates Method.

B.E.T. courses are designed to address imbalances in neuromuscular control inherent in chronic or recurring conditions. The primary objectives are to learn, as clinicians, how to identify the dysfunctions (Level 1b), and effectively facilitate NMS activity to restore a balanced posture, trunk stability and pain-free movement (Level 1a, Levels 2, 3 and 4). These courses combine both theory and practical lab work.  Level 1 is basic mat work. Level 2, 3 and 4 introduces the Pilates apparatus (equipment).

A new development: Susan and Rochenda are in the process of developing higher level courses with only mat work for clinicians who work without the Pilates apparatus.

Your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or, confused sounds.

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)

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Susan Ting

Biokinetik Physio-Pilates Studio
Vancouver, British Columbia

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