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Preparing for your visit

Studio details for your first visit

We are in the process of relocating our studio space. Thank you for your patience. Please contact us if you have questions.

Service options and fee for service
The initial assessment and consult is $145.00.  New Client Intake Session takes approx 75 minutes.  Treatment sessions are $120 for an hour’s duration or $105 for a 45 minute duration.  Both in-person and Telehealth treatment sessions are available.  A blended approach of using both options can be explored if suitable and appropriate.  All in-person treatments are individual sessions.

Cash, cheque or e-transfer payments are accepted. Receipts are issued electronically after the sessions, unless paper copies are requested. If the latter, advance notice is appreciated.  Cheques should be made payable to Susan Ting Physical Therapist Health Profession Corp. A simpler alternative is to bring the cheque and it will be stamped.

Email is the most effective mode of communication.   When in session with clients during work hours Mondays through Thursdays, I am not reachable by phone.  Texting notification to 604.999.9864 is advisable for last minute changes on the day of the appointment in case I am not in the studio prior to your appointment time.

If you need to make changes or cancel appointment, please provide minimum 24, preferrably 48 hour’s notice.  I often have clients waiting for a cancellation spot.  Vancouverites have busy schedules.  Sufficient lead time will allow them to adjust their schedules for last minute openings.   Cancellations less than 24 hours and missed appointments will be charged except for extenuating circumstances or COVID related concerns, at my discretion, or if I am able to have the slot filled.

As communications are conducted mostly through email,  there is lag time from both sides.  Therefore, more than 24 hour notification is appreciated.  Appointment times offered will be placed on hold for 24 hours to give you time to respond, after which it will be opened up to other clients requesting appointment times.

What to bring
Any recent relevant diagnostic reports, such as X-ray, CT scan or MRI reports related to your concerns, please bring them along for your appointment.

Please come in (or bring) comfortable exercise clothing.  Jeans and dress pants do not work.  For ladies with neck, upper spine and shoulder concerns, tank tops would be most helpful.

Clinic hours

Clinic hours only operate part-time.  Definite practice hours are Monday evening at 5:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Wednesday full day and Friday mornings for overflows.

Steps for COVID related protocol for visits

  1. To allow for physical distancing between clients, please text at 604.999.9864 to announce your arrival and wait for instructions before proceeding to the entrance.   A client may need to leave before you come to the entrance.
  2. A basket of clean socks is provided at the entrance.  Please put a pair on before entering the premise.
  3. Place your belongings in a tray available on the bench inside the entrance.  Masks are required during sessions.  If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.
  4. Sanitize your hands before entering the studio, and before you leave at the end of your appointment.

Susan Ting

PNF, MPT, MPhysio

Trained  in Sydney, Australia, Susan Ting began her physiotherapy practice in Asia. There she gained clinical experience, ranging from acute neuro-rehabilitation, treatment of musculoskeletal conditions to sports physiotherapy, at both national and international professional sports events. She developed a deep appreciation for the human muscular-skeletal (MSK) system and movement control.

In 1998, Susan met Canadian physiotherapist Rochenda Howard and Julia Ellis, a world-class ballet instructor, when she took her first Biokinetik Exercise Technique (B.E.T.) course in Hong Kong.  The duo had pioneered the development of B.E.T., a Pilates-baased physiotherapy treatment system.  Rochenda’s integration of neurology into orthopedic physiotherapy to address chronic MSK conditions and dysfunctions fascinated Susan.  Today, neuroscience research continues to affirm Rochenda’s academic and clinical insights into neuromotor control as evidence-based practice, then decades ahead of her peers .  In 2005 Susan began formal training and mentorship under Rochenda.  After certification, Susan opened her B.E.T. practice in Vancouver.  With Rochenda, now based in Toronto, she provides B.E.T.’s unique rehabilitation approach in her practice, and teaches B.E.T. physiotherapy as advanced clinical practice.

Over the last seventeen years, Susan integrated the B.E.T. approach into her work with osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis population at Vancouver Coastal Health.  She is instrumental in introducing B.E.T. rehabilitation concepts into exercise guidelines for hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, Spondylitis Program and more, through the Mary Pack Arthritis Program.  Susan is part of the education faculty at MPAP.  Through their Advanced Continuing Education program, she had taught “Managing Arthritis”, “Advanced Total Joint Arthroplasty Rehabilitation” for hip and knee joint replacement surgery – a course collaboratively developed with her colleagues in 2017.  The goal is always to help patients learn their brain-body connection; integrating into postural control and movement efficiency in daily living.

What people are saying

Susan was the first to identify the underlying causes of my debilitating back pain. She developed core muscles to support my back and alignment. I went from chronic, debilitating pain to be able to move and walk with little to no discomfort. I have often recommended Susan to others.

Karen O'B.

former client

Susan is the only physiotherapist who has been able to identify and teach me how to change painful movement patterns that have plagued me for many years. She has a unique skillset and treatment approach that produce amazing results.

Heather W.

client; physiotherapist

Since working with Susan, my day-to-day quality of life has immensely improved. Susan is extremely knowledgeable; she is able to identify the underlying problem, and then individualize and adapt appropriate exercises.


former client

Frequently asked questions

Questions from our prospective clients

Not in British Columbia, unless your insurance company or employer requires it.

Common conditions we treat are listed. If you have a different condition but your goal is to improve functional movement, balance, exercise safely, improve mobility, then it would also be appropriate to explore whether B.E.T. is suitable for you.

The initial consult and assessment is more involved, takes longer and costs more than a regular session. It takes approximately 75 minutes. Treatment sessions are one hour or 45 minute 1:1 treament.

Our pricing is standard industry pricing. Our session fees are in line with the College of Physiotherapy British Columbia guidelines for clinician fees. Contact us at for full details.

In order to give you the best clinical attention possible while keeping treatment costs down, we have chosen to cut down on administration costs. This means that clients must submit their receipts to insurance companies or Medicare for reimbursement themselves.

Wear or bring comfortable exercise gear such as shorts, tights, t-shirt or tank tops [underneath]. No jeans or tight pants. For assessment purposes, women should be aware that shoulder straps are better than center straps across mid-back.

Your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or, confused sounds.

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)

Studio Contact

If you’re ready to book a physio session or consultation, or if you have questions, let’s talk. We welcome athletes, seniors and everyone in between seeking long-term recovery for chronic physio issues.

Susan Ting

Biokinetik Physio-Pilates Studio
Vancouver, British Columbia

If you send us an email and do not get a reply from us within 24 hours, please check your spam box.

We are in the process of relocating our studio space. Thank you for your patience. Please contact us if you have questions.